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Server migration over the next 48 hours

Sep 25, 2014 - 3:10 PM - by Steelwind
Just to let you guys know it is time to migrate to a new server. I haven't had time to test any of the changes I wanted so it will be a simple copy over. Shouldn't even notice it unless your DNS server is slow to update or I fuck something up.
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Changes to Forum Index

May 07, 2014 - 6:39 PM - by Grim
The Hobbies and Entertainment boards are going to be merged with the Postcount Pub. The main reason for this is simple lack of interest in the two boards as they see very little traffic and the topics posted on them fit in just as well on the Pub and would get more replies/activity there.

Also, for those who aren't aware, the Pub has been running monthly contests with things like Amazon gift card rewards as prizes. So for anyone who hasn't stopped in on the Pub yet you may want to take a look and check out the monthly game threads. Just remember the Pub is a moderated forum and all forum rules apply.
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New forum added for The Elder Scrolls Online

Mar 29, 2014 - 2:37 PM - by Grim
The game has generated a fair amount of discussion here on the boards so we're giving it a dedicated board to see how it does. You can find the board in the Game Boards section of the forum index.
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"Like" feature added to the boards

Jan 20, 2014 - 1:13 PM - by Grim
This addon will be going live shortly and will allow posters to "Like" threads by clicking the button below the post you want to Like. You'll also notice you can track the number of given and received Likes below your icon in your user info. Receiving a Like will generate a notification so you can see what post you've received a Like on. You can also view and track threads you've given/received Likes on through your profile page.

In some ways this is a replacement for the reputation system which quickly capped out early on for most people. There is no limit to the number of Likes a person can receive on their posts so in a way this is more of an open ended replacement for the reputation system. Its also a good way for lurkers or people who want to show appreciation for a post but don't have anything specific to add in a post of their own about it to let someone know they enjoyed their post.

Enjoy (and cue the facebook jokes)
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Regarding the Recent Downtime

Sep 04, 2013 - 6:59 PM - by Steelwind
Quote Originally Posted by Management
As most of you aware, we recently were down for approx. 36 hours. Unfortunately, this was due to a vBulletin security issue that affected us and a lot of sites and forums out there. Steelwind caught this before much damage was done and most of the downtime was due to cleaning, plugging holes (patches installed, extra logging, more monitoring of databases, etc) and we also made use of the downtime to get some other general maintenance done at the same time. We don't believe this was done by anyone who posts or posted here, just one of those email harvesters to send out viagra spam and the like. We're very sorry for the downtime, but assure you it was necessary and for the good of the site and forums.

The hack, however, while cleaned, did manage to get into our databases. We are certain, at the very least, email addresses were harvested and it is likely things like PMs and forum posts were also taken. Though the passwords are salted and hashed (encrypted) in the database, it is always advisable to change your password here and anywhere else that uses the same password, just to be safe. Also, be on the lookout for suspicious emails and change any passwords that you've sent via PM.

Major thanks to Steelwind for spotting this and acting so fast. The time and effort he put in is incredible, and very much appreciated.
Just wanted to get the word out so everyone knew what happened.
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